Dress For You: The 3 Hidden Benefits of Dressing for Yourself

Whether you've been wearing the same crusty clothes for a week straight, or you're simply not dressing as well as you should be, you're not alone - in these "uncertain times," many of us have let our clothing choices fall by the wayside. After all, 6-feet away means no one can smell you, right?

Wrong, buddy. They can still smell you. And even if they couldn't, it is equally important that you hear this.

Why? Because you need to DRESS FOR YOURSELF.

This is an incredibly powerful tool that, once added to your arsenal, can never be taken away. 

There are three major reasons why you should dress for yourself. Don't take my word for it, though. In my experience? Once you start, the benefits are immediately there.


Number 1: Reduce dependence on other people's approval

You don't need them to look good. After all, you do it because YOU like it.

This kind of thinking is vital because it puts YOU at the center of YOUR world, not at the center of someone else's.

The truth? If you are constantly making yourself dependent on, or subject to, the opinions of others - you lose.

Not only do you lose respect for yourself and your own viewpoint, you end up ironically losing the respect of everyone else as well. People can tell when you're riding on their approval, and it instantly and instinctively turns them off.

So wear what you want, because you want to. But even if you don't need anyone's approval, don't think you're OK with crusty years-old rags or beer shirts - you're not. You know you can do better.

Dress for yourself, earn your own approval, that's the key.


Number 2: Become who you want.

Relaxed standards at work? Good. That means now YOU can set your own standards. YOU can become whoever you want. 

The look you have is a majorly important guide-stone for determining how you see yourself, how others see you, and the opportunities that become available in your life. It determines not only who you "are," it determines who you become.

This is actually an age-old aphorism, but the simple truth of it remains: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Want to be an accountant? Dress like an accountant.

Want to become a doctor? Dress like a doctor.

And want to become a badass? Dress like a badass.

Your perception of YOU, and others perception, will change depending on how you look. This will change how you act. Use this to your advantage.

For example, if you want to become a more social person you should dress how you believe that person would look like. You will instantly feel the change, and results will follow.

With the right clothes, and your newfound freedom, YOU can become anything.


Number 3. Stay up to date and on-top. 

Getting left out sucks. And losing out on an entire season of new clothes could prove deadly to a wardrobe that was oh-so-perfect not long ago.

We know things are different now, but that means more than ever that you should continue on your path to wardrobe-success. There are obstacles, yes, but are you gonna let that keep you away from what you want?

Are you going to live in freedom and knowledge, or die in ignorance?

That's the real question here: because if you let one little distraction keep you down, the enemy is not that little distraction, it's yourself.

But I think you have what it takes. I think you can push through any distraction, and come out on-top of the men's fashion market. You will reach that triumphant mountaintop.

That's why you're here, isn't it?

So enough is enough. Let the losers sit back and doddle.

If you need to, push them aside.

Because you're ready to be on-top again.

And you've got all you need to get there.



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