Dress Like A Badass and Get Rich: The Secret Connection

Dress to Inspire

You are walking through a crowd - walking with strength, a clear goal in mind, every cell in your body is alight with one purpose: getting you to your destination

All around you, you can see the massive hordes of people wandering back and forth, to and fro, aimlessly frolicking in the field of modern-day life. It is clear to you that they have no direction, they are simply led back and forth by forces beyond their control, sometimes even, beyond their knowledge.

But YOU know where YOU are going.

So why not dress like it?


Let me explain.

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who make themselves ready to receive good things, and those that wait for good things to come to them.

The difference might seem subtle, but it is everything.

Imagine there is an invisible man walking around with a magic wand.

Sound crazy? 

Okay yeah, but stay with me.

So there's an invisible man walking around with a magic wand, and this guy is, unlike most invisible people, extremely powerful.

What's his power? Believe it or not, he gets to choose who gets what. Meaning: he gets to dictate who has good things happen in their life, and who has bad.

He decides if YOU win the lottery, start a successful business, or get promoted in your job...

and also decides if YOU get crabs, fall off a building, or end up homeless.

This man's name?


or maybe... luck. Some people call him a god, and some, the universe.

But whatever you call this man, the truth is: he's there. Invisible, with his magic wand.

Every day, he's deciding whether or not goodness and prosperity come to you.

Sound unfair?

Too bad.

So... what do you do?

Well, your real job, and your only job, is to make yourself ready.

Ready to receive good things, ready for the absolute greatness that is already yours to come into your life.

You can, if you want, sit back and wait for your parents, your teachers, your boss, or the media to MAKE you ready...

But guess what? 

They won't.

So, instead, make yourself ready. 

How, you might ask?

It's simple: live the life of someone who already is.

Take action every day.

Go to cool places.

Do amazing things.

Wear clothing that inspires you,

and, above all else...



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