How Accessorizing Can Give You an EDGE in Life, Love, and Business

Regardless of where you buy them, adding accessories to your wardrobe can give you that extra edge when you need it.

Think Men Can't Accessorize? Think Again

For most of the last few decades, men's fashion has been a fairly limited field. From mistaken assumptions, to a general lack of variety in men's accessories, several factors have helped to drive the average guy away from accessorizing. Today, however, that trend has rapidly changed, and men from all walks of life have upgraded their style with tasteful accessories.

Why Guys Should Accessorize

Though they're usually subtle, men's fashion accessories can put the finishing touches on a look and help ensure that a guy's appearance is on-point. When you feel that you are dressed well and looking your best, even in a casual context, it can greatly improve your self-perception and confidence. This effect, in turn, can make other people perceive you more positively. If you want to create a general feeling of confidence and positivity around yourself, accessorizing is a great place to start. Most importantly, however, you need to make sure to choose the right accessories for your style.

What Accessories Are Popular?

Of course, some accessories have always been an important part of a man's outfit. Men's watches, for instance, have remained steadily popular for decades. Even among traditional accessories for guys, though, there has been a surge in variety in recent years. Men can now choose from hundreds of different watch brands and select from an almost infinite variety of styles. At the moment, oversized watches are enjoying a high degree of popularity, though other styles are also considered fashionable as well.

A large part of the new trends of men's accessories has involved men's jewelry becoming far more popular than it once was. Rings, bracelets and necklaces, in particular, have become more commonplace in men's wardrobes. Rings that are simple and elegant, such as the titanium and onyx rings, appeal to men who take a stripped-down, Spartan-like approach to fashion. If you happen to prefer more intricacy yet still want masculine rings, pieces like our Templar or soaring eagle ring may suit you.

The same choice between the simplistic and the ornate reappears to some degree in bracelets. Simple rope bracelets have become increasingly popular, while the Stacked bracelets have proven that they run the gamut in terms of design complexity. Necklaces for men, by contrast, tend to fall toward the simpler end of the spectrum. Chain necklaces, as well as basic pendants like guitar picks, are generally the most popular.

Men's sunglasses also fall into the category of accessories that have been popular for years but are now seeing an uptick in variety. Current trends in men's sunglasses include zero-curve glasses and circular sunglasses that hearken back to the 1960s. If your tastes incline more to the traditional, classic styles such as aviators are still just as popular today as they have ever been.

Finding the Accessories That Best Suit You

Though certain styles may be in favor at the moment, the important thing about choosing accessories is that they appeal to you. For you to gain the benefits of confidence and self-perception that elegant accessories can provide, you need to choose items according to your own tastes. When you find something you like, try it out for a while to see if it really suits you and makes you feel confident in your appearance. You should also try to find different accessories for different settings; the accessories you need for a formal office setting will be very different from what you'll want to wear for a casual day out with your friends.


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