How to GET AWAY: International Hotspots That Will Blow Your Mind in 2018

WARNING: Some may take you off the beaten path.

#4. Paros, Greece

Tourism to Greece has spiked in recent years, but there are still many places to visit that aren't overrun by visitors. One of these is Paros, a Mediterranean island that's the perfect marriage of cozy Greek charm and all the shopping and nightlife that you might expect (especially in summer). Ferries leave daily for Paros from Piraeus, and also bring you past the larger attractions of Santorini and Naxos -- making Paros a perfect place to stop by for an afternoon.

#3. Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina isn't really a far-out tourist destination, but it has too much going on in 2018 to pass up. This year, the G20 will draw countless politicians and power brokers to the city. September will see the kickoff of the Art Basel Cities, which promises a rebirth of the city's local art scene. And in October, 4,000 teenage athletes will descend upon the city for the Youth Olympic Games. Buenos Aires is experiencing an impressive revitalization this year, and it's worth any traveler's time.

#2. Fiji

Fiji is another hot tourist destination, thanks to its impressive natural beauty: white sand beaches, crystal waves, waving palms and coral reefs all beckon visitors. This year, several new luxury resorts are opening on the island. Check out Kokomo Private Island Resort, nestled amidst 140 acres of pristine rainforest, convenient to the Great Astrolabe Reef. Or visit Nihi Fiji, a new luxury resort from the same hoteliers who own the award-winning Nihi Sumba Island.

#1. Egypt

Egypt is a perennial tourist destination, and for good reason: The country is home to countless famous archaeological sites and monuments, and the government has worked tirelessly to promote tourism and study of the region's ancient history. But several travel experts are particularly bullish on Egypt as a destination this year, as the government is unveiling a new museum -- the Grand Egyptian Museum -- to store and display the country's marvels. The museum's unusual architecture in and of itself is a powerful draw, and exhibits will unveil many of the collection's 100,000 unique treasures.

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