How to Have a Good-Ass Time on Your Business Trip (and Live to Tell the Tale)

Your boss just let you know that you're going on an international business trip. You have the perfect opportunity to have some fun and explore new countries. Here are a few ways to maximize your time once you're done with the work parts of your journey.

Bow Down Before the GREAT OUTDOORS

Get out of your hotel room and take in the natural beauty around you. Whether you want to head down to the beach and explore attractions away from the typical tourist traps or go mountain climbing, you get an excellent way to decompress.

Party Like a Local

No matter where you are, I can guarantee you one thing; people love to party. You can find a festival with practically any theme if you look hard enough. These big celebrations bring plenty of unique and exciting opportunities to enjoy life. You can meet more locals, buy souvenirs that aren't your typical fare and make stories that will last a lifetime. One of the best places to get information about local events are prominent social media profiles for that country, such as those run by the tourist department.

Eat Like a KING

Hotel room service might be convenient, but it doesn't really show you the heart and soul of the country's food scene. You can look up local restaurants for delivery if you have a heavy workload and can't leave your workspace during your international business trip. Many cities have local markets or areas that feature street food vendors. When your boss is strict on your personal expenses during a business trip, picking up a few of these tasty treats allows you to keep food costs low.

Soak Up the Arts

Live music events, concerts, performing arts shows, movie theaters, art museums and other cultural attractions can fit into your business trip schedule with ease since they're typically available throughout the week. You get a true taste of local flavor when you visit these spots, especially if you've never been to that country before.
Your international business trip itinerary doesn't need to be all work and no play. Look for things you can do after you wrap up your duties for the day. You can always find something appealing whether you love to get out in great weather or you want to take in an exciting musical.

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