How to Have Opportunities Chase You Down, BEGGING to be in Your Life


They will want to be around you because you exude awesomeness. You have something they don't.

Your secret?

Here it is:

Act as if you are already there.

Already successful.

Seems simple, doesn't it? 

Too simple?

I used to think so. Before I started BURKEK, I was really struggling with finding opportunities. It felt like good things would slip through my fingers at the last moment like sand.

But ever since adopting this belief system, and the lifestyle that comes with it, I've seen great success in life and business. As soon as I started to act like I was successful, success found me.

Let me explain:

When you ACT like you're something: fulfilled, successful, etc. you begin to attract more of that into your day-to-day.

First you play the part, and then the universe sees fit to GIVE you all that you actually need to do it.

This is how it works.

This is how your life can change DRASTICALLY in as little as a few weeks.

Let's try it.

Create an image in your mind of what a "fulfilled" and "successful" person looks like.

How do they walk? Talk? What are they wearing? 

Imagine every detail. 

Now that you have that image firmly in your brain, the rest is easy...

BE that person.

Dress that way, walk that way, and talk that way.

It may feel unnatural at first... but just wait.

You will naturally start to seem more fulfilled as you live out your ideal adventure.

Before long, you'll have people BEGGING you for your secret.

And when they do, you can proudly sit back, and remember the day it all started...


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