How to Use Fashion to Find The Essence of Charisma

Now, you are interested in fashion, but you sometimes find yourself asking: How can I get that "subtle edge" from my clothing that others so rarely have? How can I make sure it's working for me? How can I be positive that every single little detail, every single thing, is 100% optimized in my favor? 

Wonder no more. This three-step guide will provide the basis for everything you've dreamed of in the fashion sphere. It will give you the essence of what's necessary for using fashion to enhance your charisma, character, and celebrity. It will provide you with a small advantage, which when used consistently every day, will lead to big advantages down the road. Read on and learn up...


Rule #1: Dressing down is the new dressing up.

The rule states: If you are dressed less formally than the person you are talking to, yet remain confident - you win. This is a deadly combination because it shows that you care less, but nevertheless have faith in yourself. This will make others have more faith in you, too, and by and large your standing will increase if you can pull this off. 

The way this works is simple: how you perceive yourself is how others end up perceiving you. If you see yourself as someone who "dresses down," but nevertheless looks better than everyone else, others will pick up on that confidence. It becomes a magnetic tool that can be used to maintain power and charm throughout your days (and nights).

An incredible award awaits you, all you need is a little faith.


Rule #2: Not too far down.

Don't show up looking like a homeless person at your next job interview. You want to dress down just a little bit - you want that subtle edge. Maybe that means not wearing a tie, or wearing a t-shirt, and nice pants, or sweatpants - depending on where you want to work (and who for). 

The key here is that you don't want to look entirely out of place. As mentioned, you just want the subtle edge that others don't have. The subtle edge will work on others' perception of you subconsciously, while not diverting too far from their expectations. You want to stick out, but only very slightly.


Rule #3: Wear the latest.

Nothing says "I am 'in the know' and you are not" like wearing something new, incredible, and elegant. Again, too extreme here can set people off. But you want to take advantage of this, and have it work in your favor, because most people do not have access to the latest trends and ideas. Especially if you work around an older demographic, they will not have nearly the same access that you do to the most up-to-date clothing and fashion.

They do not have a curator that brings them the most powerful trends that work for them, instead they are like blind people rummaging around in the dark.

You are not, since you are here. You undeniably have good taste and courage where others don't, so you will reap the advantages of fashion on your charisma and personality (while others will not). This will benefit you in many ways, and the world will seem to "work for you" in a unique and interesting process that you've never experienced before. 

Really, once you follow these three rules, it's like a whole new life opens up. It's still you, but it's a better you, a higher version of you. Incredible things start cascading for your benefit only after you confidently take that first step and follow through.

What you see will amaze you.



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