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The Secret to Cultivating a Positive Attitude (for a better life)

CULTIVATING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: THE POWER OF INTENTION Have you ever met someone who seems naturally cheerful? It might seem effortless, but chances are, he or she actually had to really work at developing that attitude. Contrary to popular belief, a sunny disposition doesn't really come naturally to anyone; rather, it's a deliberate lifestyle decision that you have to make -- and the sooner you make it in life, the better. People come to a positive attitude by choice, not by some accident of birth. And while there are plenty of grumpy millionaires and disgruntled CEOs, the men who are most successful at every aspect of life -- and the operative word here is "every" -- are the ones who have found...

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How Accessorizing Can Give You an EDGE in Life, Love, and Business

Regardless of where you buy them, adding accessories to your wardrobe can give you that extra edge when you need it. Think Men Can't Accessorize? Think Again For most of the last few decades, men's fashion has been a fairly limited field. From mistaken assumptions, to a general lack of variety in men's accessories, several factors have helped to drive the average guy away from accessorizing. Today, however, that trend has rapidly changed, and men from all walks of life have upgraded their style with tasteful accessories. Why Guys Should Accessorize Though they're usually subtle, men's fashion accessories can put the finishing touches on a look and help ensure that a guy's appearance is on-point. When you feel that you are dressed well and...

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How to Have a Good-Ass Time on Your Business Trip (and Live to Tell the Tale)

Your boss just let you know that you're going on an international business trip. You have the perfect opportunity to have some fun and explore new countries. Here are a few ways to maximize your time once you're done with the work parts of your journey. Bow Down Before the GREAT OUTDOORS Get out of your hotel room and take in the natural beauty around you. Whether you want to head down to the beach and explore attractions away from the typical tourist traps or go mountain climbing, you get an excellent way to decompress. Party Like a Local No matter where you are, I can guarantee you one thing; people love to party. You can find a festival with practically...

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