The Final Push is the Hardest

One simple premise. The final push to the finish-line, that's all you need. You have already done 80% of what you have to do - there is just 20% left and then you'll be done.

But guess what?

That final bit is the most difficult distance you'll ever travel. Resistance will be high, and many who you thought were your friends may try to stop you. But you must... keep.... pushing.

No matter what your struggles are in life, no matter what your goals are, this fact remains true. The final bit is always the hardest, it seems, and you will always meet the most resistance here.

Whether that resistance comes in the forms of your own doubts, a physical enemy, or the doubts and fears of others, it will come. Make no mistake though, once this final enemy presents itself you are merely steps away from achieving your goal.

In fact, it is the number one sign that you are nearly there.

Once you face this final beast head on, and triumph, what you want is yours for the taking.

Since this is a fashion website, let's say your final beast is dressing wellYou've come so far and fought so hard, and now you are merely inches from getting what you want but you just need that slight edge you were missing to do itYou act like you want, and physically feel great, but you need that last bit working for you. 

You need a look that complements your personality and makes you shine, subtly, but surely.

This is the time for you to fight your battle and win. And we're here to give you the tools you need.

Once you face the final enemy, and get over that last hump, you will claim the throne and be at your maximum performance.

You will be upgraded through and through, and whatever your struggle is, once you are done... you are done.

So, in any area of life, once you hit that 80% mark- keep pushing.

Face the final battle, dominate the final 20%, and win.

The triumph is always worth it.



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