The Goodness of Becoming Yourself

Our ancestors ate how they wanted, lived how they wanted, and best of all looked how they wanted.

What is the open naked-faced truth about our modern world?

It will not teach you to be an individual.

You will not be able to survive if you don't learn who you are.

And that's what we're here to help you with.

First off,

Express yourself.

Too many people are afraid to be who they are. You need to take a hold of what makes you an individual, and make it your own personal brand. What is there to be afraid of? Eat what you want and feel how you want, all with simple changes.

Next, you need to


Don't wait to do what you want, take it now.  Never be a sad sack, never settle for a weaker version of you.  Look out at the horizon and appreciate the good things life has to offer you.  Realize that you have great things at your fingertips.

Be an amazing person.

Inside and out, it is essential to suffer nothing less than perfection.  Have standards for who you want to be.  Are you going to blend in with the crowd, and be nobody?  Or are you going to stand strong, as a unique human being?  What are you waiting for? There's no time to waste.

You need to put goodness in to the world.

How can you do these things?

The good news is

You already are.


All you have to do is build on what you have, all you have to do is keep being the person you want, no matter the price.  Accept no less.

Now, do it.

Go ahead and discover what truly represents you, as a person.

Jake Kurtzhalts

Writer and Lead Fashion Consultant



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