Want to Make Yourself "A Cut Above"? You're Not Alone.

I get asked this question all the time.

They ask, how can I make myself better? How can I get to that upper level? What's the secret to reaching that if, by their nature, everyone else is trying to get there as well?

I tell them, look: You just have to look at what everyone else is doing and do it better.

Seems simple right?

On one level it is. It's very simple, you just have to be more extreme than everyone else. Look at Johnny, he does X. You have to do X more than Johnny and you win.

But there's another aspect too. Instead of doing the same thing better, it also means you should do different things. This is where the not-so-simple part comes in. There's a million-and-one solutions to every problem, how do you know which ones to try? How do you know which might bring you superior rewards?

Good question, the answer? 

Try everythingPut no limits on yourself and be willing to plunge into whatever it is that interests you.

Everyone's story is different, but the answer remains the same always. If you are willing to try anything, and everything, you will find out what you like.

Once you find out what you like, it's just a small step to begin garnering that passion and obsession that drives true expertise and skill. All of a sudden, you're confidence in these areas is increasing and you've become an expert - someone able to kick ass and take names.

And that's the key, really, is becoming an expert - by definition "a cut above" the rest - in whatever interests you. That's the vital important final step, and one that you will only reach if you've followed the previous ones. Which means that for some of you, it starts here - it starts today.

Take a look at yourself now and ask, what can I do different? What new things can I try today? How can I plant the seeds of finding something I enjoy, and then eventually become a master in?

The all-important question to remember is: How can I cultivate the start of a new, better, ME, right now?

Let your life be the answer.


-Jake Wallace, Freelance Columnist & Success Coach



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