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How to GET AWAY: International Hotspots That Will Blow Your Mind in 2018

WARNING: Some may take you off the beaten path. #4. Paros, Greece Tourism to Greece has spiked in recent years, but there are still many places to visit that aren't overrun by visitors. One of these is Paros, a Mediterranean island that's the perfect marriage of cozy Greek charm and all the shopping and nightlife that you might expect (especially in summer). Ferries leave daily for Paros from Piraeus, and also bring you past the larger attractions of Santorini and Naxos -- making Paros a perfect place to stop by for an afternoon. #3. Buenos Aires The capital of Argentina isn't really a far-out tourist destination, but it has too much going on in 2018 to pass up. This year, the G20...

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How to Look Like You Own Every Club in Town

1. Choose Carefully Wear clothes that accentuate your personality and style.  Things that make you feel good, make other people feel good when they're around you. Never sell yourself short. Choose the best items; ones that you love. With the right clothing, you can present yourself however you want to.  You are FREE to express yourself.   2. Get the Right Fit   If you don't know your measurements, you're in for some trouble.  Go to a professional tailor and get measured, or grab a tape measure and do it yourself. This way, you can order clothes that fit your exact specifications.  The right fit says a lot about a man.  If your clothes aren't the rightsize, are they really for...

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The Goodness of Becoming Yourself

Our ancestors ate how they wanted, lived how they wanted, and best of all looked how they wanted. What is the open naked-faced truth about our modern world? It will not teach you to be an individual. You will not be able to survive if you don't learn who you are. And that's what we're here to help you with. First off, Express yourself. Too many people are afraid to be who they are. You need to take a hold of what makes you an individual, and make it your own personal brand. What is there to be afraid of? Eat what you want and feel how you want, all with simple changes. Next, you need to FEEL GOOD. Don't wait...

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