Sponsorship Program

Burkek Sponsorship

Want to be sponsored by Burkek and receive free products in exchange for social media promotion? Contact us with your social media links!
  • There is no minimum follower count, but you will be selected based on the number of views and your follower's interactions. 
  • You will receive a promo code to share with all your followers for 20% off!

Sponsorship Requirements

  • Must have a minimum of 100 likes per post and 20 posts on your account
  • In the caption, mention our Instagram @burkekclothing, and hashtag #burkek
  • Post both items within 2 weeks of receiving your package
  • Must have a minimum of 1000 views per video and 10 videos on your account
  • Must mention the website www.burkek.com and our Instagram, @burkekclothing in the video
  • Feature all the clothing and/or accessories by wearing/modeling them for a “try-on”
  • Link all the products you received in the description
  • Post video within 2 weeks of receiving package
Tumblr Blog/Facebook Page/Twitter
  • Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook will be considered on a case by case basis. Please include your links in the message.
Talent, Model or Creative
We're always looking to collaborate with fresh new talent. If you are a model, photographer, or blogger with innovative ideas and an eye for style, please email your portfolio or past work to hello@burkek.com